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Here is a lesson for newbie bloggers. If you have a brain fart over the weekend, don’t post it the day before a story breaks contradicting your hypothesis.

Thanks to all of you who have sent me comments. It is clear to me now that looking at Bonds’s walk rate you cannot show his hitting improvement is a result of his hitting discipline steroid-free. However, proving he is on the juice from the stats is equally as daunting. I would like to propose a test of whether Bonds’s walk explosion preceded his hitting explosion during the 2001 season. The only problem is that I do not have the data. I need game-by-game data in a simple spreadsheet format (not a box score). I just need to know Bonds’s hits, walks, power, and the score for every Giants game that year. Then I can run a simple regression to see if walks lead power or if power leads walks. If you have this data or know of where to get this data, please e-mail me. Or if you know of someone who has run a similar test, please let me know (I know of MNP’s analysis on Baseball Primer, but even he has backed off his claim).

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