Welcome to Sabernomics

In the past few months I have written many posts about economics in baseball at Old Fishinghat. I have enjoyed writing about baseball so much that I decided to devote an entire weblog to it. I may post on various other topics related to other sports and economics, but the main focus of the site will be baseball as viewed by an economist. I still have Old Fishinghat for general ranting.

So what is sabernomics? Simply put, sabernomics is the study of economics in and of the game of baseball. I very much enjoy sabermetrics and economics. Sabermetricians strive to find objective knowledge about baseball, often using mathematics and statistics as tools. Economists study human beings striving to maximize utility subject to constraints on action, also often employing mathematics and statistics. In other words, economists concentrate on how human beings respond to changes in the rules of the game. Baseball, like all sports, provides a natural laboratory for economic study as a result of the obvious goals of participants and constraints on action imposed by its rules and institutions. This is what interests me. Sabermetricians are also interested in such issues, but the scope of sabermetrics is much broader than the economics of baseball. MLEs and UZRs interest me as a fan, but not as an economist; therefore, I probably will not use this site to debate the usefulness of these statistics. You might say that sabernomics is a subfield of sabermetrics, a subfield of economics, or maybe it is just a domain name that was available for purchase at a low price. Regardless, I will use this site to post my thoughts on baseball that interest me as an economist.

On the right sidebar I have posted links to some studies that I have done on Old Fishinghat that are relevant to this site. I have also transferred several of the posts to this site if you want to see what I write about. I have enabled comments and trackbacks to facilitate discussion. Please, feel free to chime in with your thoughts and suggestions to specific posts. I hope you enjoy the site.

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