Does Bobby Cox Read Sabernomics?

Well of course not, but I was happy to see Cox pick a batting order last night that put D-Wayne at the bottom and D-Ro at the top despite the platoon advantage favoring the former. As I suggested last week, Derosa is a better hitter which more than makes up for the platoon advantage. I was also happy to see D-Ro respond with a HR. I hope that when Chipper comes back Cox does not keep Derosa as the number two, bumping Andruw and JD further down the order. That would be a bad idea, but I have a feeling Bobby knows better than that.

Also Schuerholz finally relented and put Chipper on the DL, calling up Mike Hessman. It’s hard not to when Mike was just eating AAA pitchers for dinner. Although, I agree with Mac over at Braves Journal that Ryan Langerhans ought to be brought up. Like Hessman, he is playing great for Richmond. In addition he is a good left-handed outfielder. Eli Marrero has been a disaster so far with the bat, so either he or Wise will have to go if Langerhans keeps this up. The only reason I can figure that Langerhans is staying down is to ensure that he gets his at-bats. Once Chipper comes back Ryan will only get Darren Bragg at-bats, which is not a fun way to break into the league. Cleveland did the same with Jim Thome in 1993, which allowed me to be treated to a full summer of Thome and Sam Horn slugging it out for the Charlotte Knights. Manny Ramirez also made a short stop there. Of course, that Indians club was awful so there was no reason to bring Thome up. Though, I think the Braves could really use Langerhans now.

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