Owner Politics

Dave Pinto points to an interesting post by Philip Michaels at Idiots Write About Sports (their name not mine) on owner donations to Presidential campaigns.

The conclusion:

People rich enough to own ballclubs tend to give money to Republicans. Who would have figured?

While on the whole this is true. By my calculations from his reported numbers George Bush received $45,864 while all Democrats received $27,000 (I include even his asterisked numbers). So of the 22 teams making donations 63% of the donations went to Bush. 5 teams contributed to both parties. While Bush does get a majority of the donations it is not a huge majority, especially considering his close ties to baseball as a former owner and he is the sitting president. What I find more interesting is the paltry sums these guys give. The average donation was $2,000. Are you kidding me? That won’t even get you invited to cocktail- weenie reception for intern staffers in the basement of the Capitol. Maybe this has something to do with campaign finance laws, but that doesn’t explain the 6 American teams that gave jack-squat to both parties.

Props to Michaels for gathering the data. That is some interesting stuff.

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