The “Decline” of Foreign Players in MLB

According to and AP report the percentage of international players on MLB rosters has declined since last season.

The percentage of major leaguers born outside the 50 states declined slightly to 27.3 percent after six straight seasons of increases. Of the 830 players on rosters and disabled lists as on Sunday, 227 were born outside the 50 states, the commissioner’s office said Thursday. That was down from 230 players (27.8 percent) last year.

Are you kidding me? A drop of half of a percentage point (3 players) generates a headline declaring falling numbers of international players in MLB? Come on guys! At least say the number has not changed, stabilized, or stopped increasing. What is important is the magnitude of the change and the current level of international participation, not solely the direction of the change. I am not sure whether this is the fault of the AP or the person who wrote the MLB press release, but this is ridiculous. Now I am going to have to spend the weekend listening to sports announcers discuss the falling number of players in the majors whenever they get bored.

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