Braves Notes

— Why didn’t I comment on Randy Johnson’s perfect game on Tuesday? It’s just too much to think about. Though I received some guilty pleasure from seeing a perfect game from start to finish, I am pretty disappointed as a Braves fan. I think this team is better offensively than they have shown the past few games. They hit two good pitchers at their best, while the Braves were putting several minor-leaguers on the field. Yeah, the stars didn’t hit either, but even the best players can’t hit the ball every day. Sometimes it all bunches together. TP’s job is safe, or it should be.

— With Giles out for two months and the Braves teetering on falling out of the race, it is time to do something drastic. A trade for a third-baseman would be nice, but I don’t think it will happen. I see a very good opportunity to get some more offense out of our current bunch. I suggest putting Julio Franco at first full-time, moving Chipper back to third, and moving LaRoche to left. If LaRoche were right-handed he would have been at third long ago. It’s just a shame that the Braves have such a great player in Franco who can only play first. While, I am not in favor of keeping Chipper at third forever, and I don’t think Schuerholtz is either, there is not much else to be done at this point.

— It will be interesting to see who gets sent down when Marrero comes off the DL. DeWanyne Wise has been virtually invisible since Chipper returned. Wilson Betemit has been awful and needs to be sent down for his own good. Garcia’s bat is regressing toward his mean, though I suspect his job is secure. Nick Green seems to be making the most of his opportunity. Though his numbers are not fantastic (286/.375/.286), half of his at-bats took place in the Sheets/Johnson highlight films. I know it is just a few at-bats, but I think he looks at lot more comfortable at the plate than any of the other reserves.

— Cox is still continuing the practice of putting poor-OBP guys in the top of the order. In five of the past seven games the lead-off hitters have been DeRosa, Betemit, Wise, and Garcia (2), and LaRoche has hit in the two-spot three times. All of these guys have OBPs under .300. I understand the logic of putting fast guys with no power on in front of good hitters like Chipper, Drew, Andruw, and Estrada, but it doesn’t matter if these guys can’t get on base. All you end up doing is giving more at-bats to bad hitters. There is no excuse for batting Andruw sixth in this depleted line-up. I have a suggestion, put Chipper in the lead-off spot until he breaks out of his slump. At least he knows how to take a walk every now and then. His 5 walks since he returned to the line-up are more than the season totals of Garcia (1), Wise (2), Betemit (2), and LaRoche (4). Follow Chipper with Franco, Estrada, Drew, Andruw, and the rest.

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