Reader Mail

Today I received a piece of e-mail that just pissed me off. I have removed the name of the author, but in the future I reserve the right to post the identity of mail complainers.

How can you have a site related to sabermetrics and link a site like Hardball Times and not Baseball Prospectus. The talent, intelligence, inventiveness, and pure accuracy are all higher at BP. Laughable at best.
Your site is incomplete without a link to BP.

I am sorry you are so self-conscious about your penis size, height, or inadequate attention from your third-grade teacher that you have to complain to ME about your disdain for intelligent baseball writers at The Hardball Times who provide insightful baseball articles on a daily basis to the web with no explicit fee. I read THT. I don’t read Baseball Prospectus; not because I dislike Prospectus, but because paying for good baseball analysis on the web is like visiting a prostitute for sex. In the words of George Costanza, “why pay for something, when if I apply myself I can get it for free?” I have nothing against Prospectus. I just don’t read it often. I do, however, link to Prospectus affiliates Doug Pappas and Jay Jaffe — which I read daily — that offer feeless analysis. If you read my site because of my links, well…that is just sad. If Prospectus switched to an advertising format — think BP brought to you by Spiderman — I might check it out more often. I don’t expect this to happen, nor should it. I think the authors at Prospectus lose about as much sleep over my link list as I do about theirs. BTW, don’t bother writing back; your e-mails now go directly to my delete box.

Clarification: I’ve gotten some e-mail that indicates I am opposed to BPro’s fee policy. Actually, I have no problem with the fee. I don’t have moral objections to fees, I’m just cheap.

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