Sorry for the Slowdown

Blogging has been light lately due to a few factors:

1) The end of the semester means a lot more work.
2) I have been spending my evenings and weekends building a fence.
3) 8 month-old daughter has become very VERY mobile, turning babysitting and blogging — once complements — into substitutes.

But I see good news on the horizon. The fence is finished and the semester ends tomorrow; but there is not much I can do about the little one. I’ve actually written a few posts and played around with some data , but they either became outdated or dead-ends. I should be picking up the pace shortly. Also, I plan to make a few changes over the summer. I will likely switch blogging software and move to a new server. I will keep you posted.

Speaking of changes, check out the new Baseball Primer, or shall I call it Baseball Think Factory. Jim Furtado has done some good work reconfiguring the best baseball site on the web.

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