Trashing A-Rod

Why is A-Rod the great Satan of baseball to much of the media? As best I can tell, A-Rod got a huge contract that paid him $22 million per year. He performed, but his teammates didn’t. In his three years in Texas he posted an average OPS of 1.000, yet somehow his contract was always cited as the cause of the horrible pitching.

While I don’t agree with such arguments, I can understand why people say such things. But this morning I was glancing through some stats. Barry Bonds is making $18 million this year, which is hardly different from A-Rod’s deal. Right now Bonds is performing at a high level and his team is losing. But, the response from the media has been much different. The media blames Giants management for the team’s woes, not Bonds’s contract. A-Rod was run out of town, but the Giants wouldn’t dare part with Bonds. I guess Bonds has a better relationship with the media than he thinks.

Just an observation.

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