Prediction: The Norfolk Expos

Why? Well, I think DC is out. It has historically been a bad baseball city. But certainly things have changed there, right? Yes, it is even more of a crime-ridden hell-hole with traffic nightmares. Honestly, traffic circles are not a good idea. If it takes an hour to travel from the suburbs, why not go to Camden? The Northern Virginia Dulles idea is just silly. Talk about putting a team in the middle of nowhere. Las Vegas? Please. Norfolk wins by default. It is a top-30 MSA with no other distractions for fans, which will cause this team to be loved like no other. For example, dee the Charlotte Hornets before George Shinn’s yellow hair dye seeped through his skull. One thing I know about this is that the media never seems to have a clue about these things. Remember when Jacksonville was awarded the Jaguars. I think even the mayor of Jacksonville was quoted as saying “we have no chance to get the team” on the day of the announcement.

Other evidence? I have none. Just thinking on it after reading this.

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