What’s Up with Turner South?

For many years the Braves have been a staple on TBS. When the Braves played, you could watch them on TBS. But over the past few seasons the ownership of the team has decided to put some games on TBS’s sister network Turner South. Right now the Braves are doing something really weird by putting the Braves on Turner South for nearly two weeks strait. Why?

I think the official AOL reasoning for this is to hype TBS’s new image with shows like “Sex in the City” and “Outback Jack.” But, I think there is something else at play here. The Braves are a boon to TBS. While “Sex in the City” will get ratings, so will the Braves. Why banish the Braves to new home which fewer cable packages provide? Well, I think the main reason has to do with hyping Turner South. If you put the Braves on a channel off the basic package, Braves fans are going to complain to their cable company. This is a good way for AOL to get Turner South, and its shows like “Junkin’,” “Off the Menu,” and “Liars and Legends” some advertising. This is consistent with last year’s banishing of Skip and Joe to Turner South. The network stated that Skip was somehow too much of a homer for TBS’s national image. I never bought it. Almost all sports announcers are homers, and fans want Skip Carey. He was the bait.

So why not just put “Sex in the City” on Turner South? Fewer people are going to call their cable companies to demand a channel for a show they have never seen (“Sex” was on HBO). And why now? Why not do this at the start of the season? Well, the network wanted fans to develop a taste for this team.

Anyway, just some random thoughts. The switch doesn’t bother me at all, because I get both channels with Direct TV.

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