Why I Don’t Like the All-Star Game

I don’t like the All-Star game. 1) It’s boring. 2) The selection process is stupid. I think I was the only person on the planet happy to see Bud Selig end the game in a tie two years ago. It’s an exhibition, and I don’t want to see any players hurt trying to pretend it is not. If the All-Star game is serious, then why allow switch-hitting by Larry Walker and other shenanigans? I guess I don’t hate the game, I just hate that so many people pretend that it is something more than a friendly baseball-type event.

The selection really bothers me. For example,

JD Drew: .293/.425/.613/19 HRs
M. Alou: 286/.338/.527/ 19 HRs

If you were picking an All-Star team in which the outcome really mattered, would Alou be on that team? Of course not. JD is having a monster year, second only to Bonds among NL outfielders in OPS. Of course, that is supposed to be part of the fun, quibbling over the selections. But is this really quibbling? What GM in baseball would choose Alou over Drew? Drew is having a better year, he should be on the team. I’d like to point out that Drew is getting especially screwed because Gary Sheffield made the team for the AL. Drew has matched and surpassed the production of the man he replaced in RF. What do you tell JD? It doesn’t matter? Because if it doesn’t matter, why are we making such a big deal about the game?

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