Andruw’s Off-Field Tendencies

As I commented below, many people have been attributing AJ’s latest success to his going to the off-field. I didn’t buy it. So, after reading in the AJC about the day he practiced hitting the ball to the opposite field in batting practice on July 17, I decided to check on Andruw’s progress. Using play-by-play game logs and personal observations I calculated the following statistics from July 17 – August 7.

Plate Appearances: 85
Balls in Play: 54
Balls to the Left: 23 (43%)
Balls to the Center: 20 (37%)
Balls to the Right: 11 (20%)
Other: 31
Strikeouts: 16
Walks: 10
IF/Foul Pop-ups: 5

If Andruw is trying to go the other way, he hasn’t been too successful. 80% of his balls in play have gone to left or center. Now, this is not to say that Andruw is not going to right more than he used to. I don’t know what he used to do, and I’m not willing to calculate this for the entire season. But, I do feel comfortable in saying Andruw’s recent resurgence has little to do with hitting the ball the other way.

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