Braves in the Spotlight

Studes at THT has the Braves in the Team Spotlight this week. The news is good as most Braves fans know.

For nearly the past two months, no team has won more games than the Atlanta Braves, not even the Cardinals. Since June 25th, the Braves have won 35 games, while the Cards have won 34 and the Dodgers have won 33.

But why have the Braves been so good? Well, good hitting and pitching, of course. But Studes makes me a bit uneasy as he points out that the Braves have been little lucky in the clutch pitching department.

The Braves are tied for the major league lead in lowest BA against with RISP (.232) and have the lowest OPS against in the same situation (.640). It’s clutch pitching that has made the Braves particularly great this year.

But hey, maybe clutch pitching is a skill that the Braves have, but I just can’t bring myself to believe in clutch skills. As usual, the article is full of some neat graphs. But despite any potential mean reversion, the Braves are still a pretty good team.

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