The Sabernomics MLB Salary Estimator for Pitchers

Here is The Sabernomics MLB Salary Estimator for Pitchers. Well…sort of. I’m much less happy with this version than with the estimator for position players. So what’s wrong? Well, the model only explains about 55% of the variance of player salaries, which means 45% is due to other stuff. Maybe star-power and leadership are really important for pitchers, I just can’t say.

So take a look at it and play around. I am sure you will find that it nearly impossible to make a pitcher earn what Randy Johnson makes, including using Randy Johnson’s own stats. This may be a general result from the fact that pitchers appear to be overpaid relative to position players, as Studes has found. But, I’m just not sure. Send me your ideas, I would love to hear them. But please, no more “This thing is BS! There is no way [Insert name of favorite good player] ought to make [Insert insane amount of $ here] less than [Insert name of hated bad player].” You’re just embarrassing yourself, and you have missed the point of this exercise. As I said, this is somewhere between a tool and a toy. Have fun, but don’t freak out over it. If I could create a salary estimator that was perfect, I would present it. Since, I can’t, this is the next best thing until someone else comes along with an improvement. AND I whole-heartedly encourage someone making improvements. So have at it.

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