Braves Season in Review (SIR)

2004 is over for the Braves. Though I am disappointed with another post-season failure, I see no reason to dwell on it. The Astros were a good team, and the Braves lost. John Schuerholz put together a good team this year, and he should be commended. JD Drew, Eli Marrero, Jaret Wright, Johnny Estrada, and John Thomson were all great pick-ups. I think Bobby is a great manager, but I think JS deserves a big pat on the back, too. Not only did the Braves surpass many expectations this season, but I feel the Braves are primed for continued success.

I want to review the season as well as give my prospects for next year. And I want to do this player by player. Over the next few weeks I will post some comments on players. There is no particular order, just what is on my mind. This will help me kill the pain of the Braves off-season.

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