On Baseball Blogging

It’s easy to write a post on blogging, but it’s very hard to write a good one. Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts has just posted a fantastic piece on the Baseball Blogosphere. Here’s a small sample:

The brief history of baseball blogging has been a land rush – acres and acres of virgin www out there for the pickings like an online version of the old American West, requiring only a little moxie to stake a claim. But just like the dark side of Manifest Destiny, not every homesteader hangs on. Some stick it out for only a few months, or weeks, or days, or – you’ve seen it, no doubt – hours.

The tattered remnants of their domains can still often be found, scattered about like ghost towns or crosses in the dirt. It’s been axiomatic in the genre that even very intelligent voices are better suited to be regular readers than regular writers. And some cityfolk never had any business being out in that wilderness to begin with.

Weisman covers not only the demise of some great baseball blogs, but also on the different blogs and blogging strategies. This post is so good that even Instapudit picked it up.

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