SIR: Marcus Giles

2004 BA/ OBP/SLG: .311/ .378/ .443

There is no doubt that 2004 was a disappointing follow-up to Marcus Giles’’s 2003 All-Star season; however, it’’s hard to get down on a second baseman who puts up the numbers Marcus did in 2004. The biggest decline from 2003 was in his power. In 2004 he posted a .131 Iso-Power, which was about an 80-point decline. Was this decline the result of that awful collision with Andruw Jones or was it indicative of some mean reversion? Well, it seems clear to me that his power decline was temporary. Except for 2004, his MLB AB/HR has been about 26; this year it was nearly 50. The good news is that Giles’s OBP was only 12-points below the previous year. I think this is quite amazing, considering he certainly was not the threat he once was. Pitchers could have challenged him at a much lower cost, yet he still seemed to find a way to earn a free pass. He’’s got great, if not improving, plate discipline, which can only lead to a brighter future. And don’’t forget this guy loves to take one for the team. He managed to get 9 HBPs, compared to 11 in 200 more PAs in 2003. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that the guy hit .300…that’’s gotta help the OBP.

In short, I believe 2005 will be a MONSTER year for Giles. I think his 2004 struggles were clearly the result of his injuries, which will surely heal over the winter. On top of his power going up, I suspect the Braves can finally get 150 games out of him. There’’s no way he can have another freak injury for the third year in a row, is there? It’’s not like he got a nagging hammy. But as I write now, trade winds are blowing that have Giles going to the A’’s for a Big-3 pitcher. Is this a good deal? I doubt it. For a guy who produces as many runs as he does, according to the Sabernomics MLB Salary Calculator, he will probably still earn under $1 million in arbitration.

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