Linda Cropp: Sabernomics Person of the Day

While I don’t think she’ll be adding this award — that I just invented 5 minutes ago — to her resume, I just had to find a way to express my admiration for Linda Cropp. Last night, the DC Councilman stood up to MLB demands for corporate welfare.

Chairman Linda W. Cropp (D) shocked her colleagues after 11 hours of debate on a stadium package by offering the private financing amendment about 10 p.m., saying she was disappointed by recent talks with Major League Baseball.

The bill, which was approved on a 7 to 6 vote, gives Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) until June to find the required private financing plan. If that plan is not certified by Natwar M. Gandhi, the city’s chief financial officer, and approved by the council, the stadium bill would lapse.

“My basic belief is that there are too many public dollars going into this,” Cropp said. “This will make the mayor seek private dollars more than anything else. I don’t know how Major League Baseball will react.”

Good work, Ms. Cropp. It is the policy of Sabernomics to oppose all public funding of sporting facilities. Sabernomics joins The Sports Economist in a call for a Constitutional Amendment banning public subsidies for professional sports.

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