Sabernomics FAQ

Happy New Year! Sorry about the delay in posting, but I’ve been on the
road a bit. I think now is a good time to add an FAQ for this site. I
receive many e-mails relating to this site, and I have come to notice
that many are redundant and could be answered in a single post. I’ll
add a link to this post on the left sidebar.

Will you add a link to my site? I added a link to yours.

This is the most common request I receive. I am always happy to learn
of new sites with related interests; however, it is my policy not
to “blogroll” or trade links. The problem is that I either have to say
yes to everyone, no to everyone, or via person e-mail write, “I don’t
want to link to your site.” My policy is that I link to blogs that I
like and read on a regular basis.

Do you like pointers?


What are your advertising rates?

At this time I do not accept advertising. This may change, though. I’ll
let you know when I’m open for business.

Will you help me with my school project?

No. I really don’t want to be in the position of providing help on a
project that is supposed to be independent. Even if your instructor
says getting help is OK, I’m not going to be interested. However, I am
always happy to read completed school projects.

Why don’t you link to [Insert site here]?

Probably because I don’t visit that site much. I do not link to pay
subscription sites, normally. Occasionally, I have problems with the
administration of a site, causing me not to link to the site.

Why do you link to [Insert site here]? It’s not a good

I’m sorry you feel this way. I differ with your assessment. In the
future, keep your opinion to yourself.

Can I post an idea on your site?

No. I am the sole poster on this site at this time.

I have a suggestion for your site. Would you like to hear it?


I often find spelling and grammatical mistakes in your posts. Why
don’t you be more careful?

I like blogging because it is a good way to post my thoughts quickly.
If I proofread my posts as much as I wanted to, I wouldn’t post nearly
as often.

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