Braves Defense by PMR

Many of you are probably aware of David Pinto‘s fantastic new defensive metric, Probabilistic Model of Range (PMR). Using many factors affecting balls-in-play he evaluated the fielding of players based on actual outs versus predicted outs of MLB players. I’m not going to go into the specifics of his methods, but you can read more about it here. I got tired of going to look for the Braves numbers so I compiled a list here. In addition to the PMR “Difference” (Actual DER – Predicted DER) I include Runs Saved Above Average (RAA) conversion as calculated by Chronicles of the Lads. The ranks are by position.

Player Position Difference Diff.-Rank RAA RAA-Rank
Johnny Estrada C -0.00031 35 NA NA
Eddie Perez C 0.00061 20 NA NA
Andruw Jones CF 0.0034 3.5 17.9346 2
Adam LaRoche First 0.00179 27 -1.7168 25
Julio Franco First 0.00254 19 -0.3547 19
Brian Jordan RF 0.00622 4 5.8728 11
Rafael Furcal SS -0.01189 35 -17.1837 37
Marcus Giles Second -0.0076 29 -5.6248 29
Nick Green Second 0.00416 2 29.8582 2
Chipper Jones Third 0.01259 8 14.2803 3

There are certainly a few surprises here. Chipper and Jordan do a lot better than I expected. LaRoche and Furcal are much worse than I expected.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If I’m reading this correctly–I think I am–Furcal’s defense costs the Braves slightly over 0.1 run/game, compared to an “average” ML shortstop?