Thanks Doug!

I wanted to offer a big thanks to Doug Drinen for his posts here at Sabernomics over the past two weeks. As I had thought they would be, Doug’s posts were excellent. However, I had not anticipated the spike in visits thanks to his work. I have to thank Eric at Offwing and Aaron at Football Outsiders (also thanks to other pointers of whom I’m ignorant) for spreading the word around the sports blogosphere. I hope the response has convinced Doug to start blogging full time. He needs to, and I’m doing all I can to convince him to start his own blog.

Doug and I watched the Super Bowl together last night and cheered for the “Green Eagles,” as Doug’s son says. Though the game was close and had many elements of seeming like a good game, I found the game lacking and sloppy at times. But, at least it seems we had two closely matched teams that played hard. Oh well, 55 days until Opening Day. Now, it’s that time of year when I have to try really hard to stomach basketball.

One Response “Thanks Doug!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I won’t even bother with basketball. Fortunately, in Canada we get curling on television every once in awhile.