THT Bullpen Book

I would like to highly recommend the latest book effort from the guys at The Hardball Times. Studes has just released The Hardball Times Bullpen Book of 2002-2004.

Thanks to Studes, I got an advance review copy, and I am very pleased. What’s in it? Well, everything you need to know about a reliever when he emerges from the bullpen: games, innings pitched, the average importance of innings pitched, FIP ERA, the win probability added over the season, and the win probability added per innings pitched. ERA is such a poor metric for measuring relief pitchers. This book has the stats you need to fill in the gaps to evaluate who’s good and who’s bad. And because relievers can have good and bad years, you have three years of stats to evaluate any reliever.

The book is “couch friendly.” It reports the overall leaders by year, overall team stats, plus team sections with all the pitchers on the team together for easy in-game use. I plan to keep a copy on my end-table for quick access, you should too. It’s only $5 as an e-book. If you can’t afford that, then you shouldn’t be wasting your time reading this blog post. Get back to work!

This book has been needed for a long time, and I am grateful to the guys at THT for this important contribution. Buy a copy and send it to your favorite broadcast crew. At least that will give them something useful to chat about.

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