Thanks to Aaron Gleeman for discussing some of my work on Leo Mazzone. Aaron correctly notes that Leo has some tough cases on his hands with Bernero and Sosa. And let’s not even think about what he’s going to have to do to fix the once steady Danny Kolb.

4 Responses “JC on THT”

  1. Chuck Oliveros says:

    I don’t know about that “once steady” description of Danny Kolb. There are only three years of data to go on, and here they are

    IP BB K ERA+
    2002 TEX AL 32 23 20 116
    2003 MIL NL 41.3 19 39 223
    2004 MIL NL 57.3 15 21 139

    He tends to walk batters and that dismal 3.3 K/9 last season doesn’t bode well. In fact, looking at the drop off in K/9, I find myself wondering if he isn’t an injury waiting to happen.

    I prefer power pitchers as closers. They have more margin for error. If their other pitches aren’t working, they can always try to hump a fastball past the batters. With finesse pitchers, like Kolb, if their pitches aren’t working, they’re just plain out of luck and, in today’s Atlanta paper, Kolb said that his sinker hasn’t been working the last two games.

  2. JC says:

    I prefer strikeout pitchers as closers as well. I liked the acquisition of Kolb, but I want him used for middle relief. For the past two years, Kolb has done an excellent job of keeping the ball in the park, and his walks have been on the low side. The k-rates have dropped, but I thought that he did that on purpose to keep his walks down. I would say he has been steady for the past two years, but quite unsteady the past two weeks. If he’s broken, it’s going to be a long season.

  3. josh says:

    Yeah, but if Hudson is striking people out like he did last night he’s going to put up some Madduxian numbers.

  4. Marc Schneider says:

    It seems to me that Kolb will ultimately be an adequate, but not outstanding closer, at least during the regular season. Let’s face it, these days, closing often involves finishing off games with 3 run leads. He can probably do that most of the time. Of course, if the Braves keep hitting like they have been, there are going to be a lot of 1 run saves. The problem, I think, is likely to come in the playoffs if they make it, first, because he doesn’t have the kind of stuff that would give a good team trouble, and, second, because his psyche seems pretty fragile.