McKeon Plays Moneyball, Too

From today’s Designated Hitter, Kevin Kernan, at The Baseball Analysts:

“When he was trying to teach a guy to throw a curveball down low and just off the plate,” McKeon says, “he would lay a $20 bill right there on the ground. He’d say, ‘If you hit the $20 bill, you got it.’

“Now that’s Moneyball. That got the pitchers focused. They were focused on what their job was to do — hit that $20 bill,” McKeon says. “They had to follow through and come down through their motion. It was a great incentive. It was not only a fun thing, it was a teaching tool. I’ve never forgotten that.”

McKeon knows the same drill would work today with one minor change. “You’d have to use a $100 bill,” he says.

Kernan is the coauthor of I’m Just Getting Started along with Marlins manager Jack McKeon. Kernan’s article is great. I may have to get the book.

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