A Nice Problem

Brad Dowdy is taking a much deserved break over at No Pepper (it’s the good kind of break you deserve after earning a promotion), so now I’m beginning to realize how lost I am without his guidance through the Braves minor league system. Anyway, I was looking through the stats and ran across this. These are all of the guys playing catcher for the Braves through low-A.

Rome		C Sammons		116	0	15	16	0.345	0.419	0.440
Myrtle Beach	M Bernard		65	4	1	8	0.323	0.362	0.662
Myrtle Beach	J Saltalamacchia	117	5	14	31	0.265	0.351	0.462
Mississippi	B McCann		111	5	15	18	0.297	0.369	0.568
Richmond	B Pena			103	0	10	6	0.417	0.465	0.485

Not too bad, unless you are one of these guys. There’s no place to move up!

Come back soon, Brad. We miss you! And congrats on the promotion.

3 Responses “A Nice Problem”

  1. Mac Thomason says:

    There’s a rumor that Pena will be called up to take Eddie Perez’s place when the latter goes on the DL. Maybe it will be permanent, or at least a preview of things to come. (Pena probably doesn’t project as a regular. Well, I suppose if he keeps hitting .400 they’ll find a place for him.)

  2. JC says:

    I’ve seen the rumors too. Pena seems to have the rare ability nearly have AVE=OBP=SLG.

  3. nuke says:

    Also count me as one of those missing Brad’s work.