Keeping Score with Leo Mazzone

The success of Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone is the subject of Alan Schwarz’s Keeping Score column in this Sunday’s New York Times, The Mazzone Touch is More than Just Perception. And the study I did over at Baseball Analysts, The Mazzone Effect Revisited, plays a major role in the article.

I’d like to thank Alan Schwarz for such a fantastic write-up. I talked with Alan several times over the past week, and I certainly enjoyed the experience. If you ever get a chance to talk with Alan, don’t pass it up. What a nice guy, and he knows A LOT about baseball. I think the article turned out very nicely, and I appreciate his covering my research on Leo. Alan’s a very good writer, and if you haven’t read The Numbers Game yet, you should.

I also want to thank the online sabermetric community for promoting my research in this area since I published the first study last December. The postings at Baseball Think Factory by Repoz, and most certainly the invitation from Rich and Bryan at Baseball Analysts to DH gave a tremendous boost to the project. Thank you all.

3 Responses “Keeping Score with Leo Mazzone”

  1. Chris says:

    You ran a really great study…I’m glad Alan Schwarz took notice of it. He’s a really smart guy

  2. Rich Lederer says:

    Congrats, JC. Much deserved credit for a great project. Others thought about it. You went out and proved it. You had the original research here. All the others were imitations.

  3. nuke says:

    Congrats JCB, again on a really great piece of research.