Esix Snead: Bush Leaguer

I haven’t seen the footage for this yet, but, if the account reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch is accurate, this incident in the Richmond/Syracuse game last night should get Esix Snead and his .241/.349/.333 butt kicked off the team.

Bush had bent over and had his back to Snead. Running nearly full sped, Snead extended his arm with his helmet in it and smashed into Bush from behind. Bush apparently suffered a cut from the helmet and was stitched up by a doctor in the clubhouse during the game.

“I had my back turned and didn’t know he was coming,” Bush told a reporter covering the game for the Syracuse Post-Standard. “I saw my second baseman running toward the mound, and I thought, ‘Why is he running toward me?’ At the very last second, I turned my head and saw the helmet in his hand. He hit me in the side of the head. I never saw it coming.”

Now that is a cheap shot.

Addendum: You can see the video here. The article in the Richmond paper understates how cheap this shot was.

4 Responses “Esix Snead: Bush Leaguer”

  1. JC says:

    Snead drops the helmet prior to hitting him. It’s clear as day. You seem to be implying he hit him with the helmet.

  2. JC (not the blogger) says:

    Okay, I need another nickname when I post to this site 🙂

    The comment should read “JC (not the blogger)” or whatever you’d like to call me.

  3. JC says:

    No, I don’t think I implied that. The RTD says the helmet caused the stitches and the pitcher says the helmet was in his hand when he was charging. The latter statement is true, and I don’t know about the former. He very may well have fallen on the helmet during his self-defense (this wasn’t a fight). He does toss the helmet before he gets to him. I think the cheapness was threefold, and didn’t involve the helmet.

    1. Going down the line to avoid letting the catcher interfere.
    2. Attacking the pitcher from behind.
    3. Aiming for the head with his arm.

    Plus, we have to remember that Esix Snead really sucks. What a prick.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I got the same impression from the post that he hit him with the helmet. Just my 2 cents worth…
    I’m pretty new to your site – you’ve got a lot of good stuff.