What Does AJ Have to Do?

Talk about strange interpretations. Apparently, not even Andruw Jones’s hot 2005 can convince his manager that he’s best as a dead-pull hitter.

AJ spraying them everywhere: Jones had hit 12 homers in his previous 17 games, entering Wednesday. While very impressive, that surge, which gave him a Major League-leading 24 homers, might not have impressed Cox as much as the fact that his Gold Glove outfielder has been going the opposite way recently.

In the first two games of this week’s series against the Marlins, Jones recorded three hits that went into right field. Looking at his spray chart, just four of the 41 hits he’s recorded at Turner Field this year have gone right of center and none of them to the right of right-center field.

“He didn’t just flip those out there,” Cox said. “He hit those nice. That shows you how disciplined he is right now.”

I think it’s great that Andruw gets hits to the opposite field, but that’s not what he needs to be trying to do. As I showed — or rather the data showed — Andruw is much more successful when he pulls the ball.

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