Baseball Analysts: Mid-Season 75

Bryan Smith reviews the his top-75 prospects at mid-season ( 1-30, 31-75). Here’s a sample on Jeff Francoeur.

19. Jeff Francoeur: Atlanta Braves (OF)- 21
AA (SOU): .275/.322/.487, 21/76, 13 SB in 335

Now in the Majors, Francoeur homered in his first game against the Cubs. He has a bunch of flaws as a player — both contact and selectivity — but makes up for it in raw talent. Still, you have to wonder how long we’ll be justifying walk rates with that comment. The Braves are huge believers in Francoeur, and have all-but-decided that he, Kelly Johnson and Andruw will make up the 2006 outfield. Expect Jeff to have the, by far, worst numbers of the group.

He also reports on Marte, McCann, and Saltalamacchia.

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