Growing Power

Dan Fox of Dan Agonistes posts one of the best sabermetric studies I’ve seen in some time over at The Hardball Times today. He uses to Sean Buroughs and Mark Teahen as foils to examine the popular belief that players acquire power.

To me this is hopeful since it shows that in the recent past there have been several infielders like Smalley, Whitaker and Harrah, as well as outfielders like Puckett and Clemente, who have developed more than average power after being in the league a few years and after the age of 24. And if you move the cutoff to 23 instead of 24, you’ll also find that George Brett fits the mold. So historically speaking, it’s not out of the question that Teahen and Burroughs will live up to the announcers’ expectations.

If you don’t read this study, may your favorite team play Brian Jordan in the outfield everyday for the next three seasons.

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