Guest Bloggers

I’m going to be taking a little vacation for a few days, so I’ve asked Kyle Sturgeon and John Wright to guest blog for the next two weeks. I’m happy they agreed. I may be lurking around some. But if the sun is out on the South Carolina coast, I may not feel like logging on. I’m not sure how much either will post (they have no obligation to post anything) but I’m sure whatever they have will be worthwhile.

Kyle, often known as “Kyle S” on many a baseball message board, is big Braves fan with a lot of baseball knowledge. He works in DC but is not part of “the problem.” And, like me, has a young daughter — my little girl can do the tomahawk chop already.

John Wright runs the most in-depth website on the Braves bullpen that there is. He’s a college student from nearby Chattanooga.

So, let’s give a warm welcome to Kyle and John. I’m happy to have them both on board. I know they’ve got some good stuff cooked up. Plus, they can’t be as bad at spelling as I am. One of the fun things about running a blog is meeting intelligent, nice people who share similar interests. These guys are perfect examples of the kind of people you meet.

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