M-Braves vs. Lookouts

Yesterday, I went to the Mississippi Braves vs. Chattanooga Lookouts game. I’d never been to see the Lookouts in my 4 years in the area, but I finally decided it was time. It was more of a family trip than a baseball trip, and it was fun. The park is easy to get to in downtown Chattanooga. The park is small so there are no bad seats. In fact, the worst seats in the park might be the ones closest to the field that have no shade. It was very hot, which forced us to take our two-year-old home a little early. The park has a beautiful view from the stands as you can look out over the rolling landscape. Though there are lots of between-inning games for fans, the game was devoid of many things fans have come to expect at the ballpark. Was there even and announcer? I rarely heard anyone over the loudspeaker. Who is the new pitcher? Could someone tell me? And there was no video or audio piped in to the concession areas. Eh, but what do you expect? It is minor league baseball. However, it’s a nice venue, very kid-friendly, and I will go back again soon. The mascot, Looie, was very nice to my daughter even though she was a little frightened. She said, “Thanks, big Elmo,” because that’s kind of what he looks like.

Oh yeah, the game… I almost forgot. It was pretty bad as the Lookouts jumped out to a big lead. The M-Braves look awful. Of the Braves who played Wes Timmons is really the only player showing anything indicating he might play in the big leagues one day (Prado and Devine did not play). Blanco is supposed to be good, but he’ll need another season in AA — he had one of the worst throws to the plate I have ever seen, which I thought was going to go into the crowd halfway between third and home. Why is Onil Joseph on the 40-man? Can someone tell me? With the call-up of most of it’s good players (to AAA and Atlanta) the AA Braves are a little pathetic to watch.

3 Responses “M-Braves vs. Lookouts”

  1. Johnny S says:

    Indeed, I think general admission is the way to go at the lookouts game.

    If you want some good laughs, the best time to go (aside from used car night) is towards the end of the season when the lookouts are playing a non-contender. I think I saw a late season game where the opposing team had 8 errors. I guess the lookouts are susceptible to this too in years where they are non-contenders.

    I seem to remember that they more or less only use the loudspeaker for announcing batters and pitchers. If they did not use it at least to this extent, I suspect it was an anomaly.

  2. Mac Thomason says:

    I’ve been asking that question about Onil Joseph for going on two years now. Never have gotten a reasonable answer. Merv and Brad didn’t have any idea either. Blanco might, someday, be a fifth outfielder, should the Braves ever use a fifth outfielder again.

  3. Marc Schneider says:

    I grew up in Chattanooga and remember going to the old Engel Stadium many times. That was a really neat ballpark and a great place to watch a game. It had a large roof so many more seats were covered and actually had ceiling fans in the grandstand.

    I took my daughter to the new stadium a couple of years ago and we had a good time, but you are correct about how hot it was (designed that way, I suspect, to encourage drink sales).