The Next to Go

With John Thomson and Mike Hampton set to come back this weekend, the Braves are going to have to make a few moves. Already, the Braves have announced that HoRam will be moving to the bullpen, which sends a strong message about his future. With so many good arms in the Atlanta system, and Ramirez not making the proper offerings to the DIPS gods, I don’t see him spending much more time with the team. A spot on the playoff roster is at stake here. If he can’t get it done out of the pen, I don’t think he will make the cut if everyone stays healthy.

Speaking of the pen, whose spot is HoRam going to take? There has been a lot of speculation regarding Davies and McBride being sent down. It could happen, especially if they want to give Davies starts, but I’m not so sure. The last time they sent Davies down they gave him a start or two off to get him some rest. The word from the broadcast booth has been that he’s been available out of the pen for the past two games. Sounds to me like he might be staying. And McBride has pitched well in his few appearances.

So, who will the odd man out be? I think it could be Jim Brower. He hasn’t been very good. He’s given up four homers for the Braves, three of them after the break. His FIP is 5.84. Though Brower is not awful, he’s just so easily replaceable and not really all that dependable. I think there is a better chance that McBride or Davies can offer solid relief down the stretch. If not, the Braves have time to find some other options within the organization. And even if he stays with the team, I don’t think he’ll make the playoff roster. So, I hope the Braves will give these guys a chance to get some major league work. I doubt they will do worse, and they have the potential to be much better.

3 Responses “The Next to Go”

  1. John says:

    I’m with you on Brower. He started out adequately enough that Cox was willing to use him, and now he’s abused that privilege. As for Ramirez, I think we all knew he was inadequate…I just never thought the Braves would realize it this soon. It’s a great move, but I’m still shocked.

    I’ll be at the game for Hampton’s return, assuming that is still Sunday.

  2. DANNY says:


  3. Jason says:

    Ditto on Brower. A postseason bullpen needs guys who can miss bats, Brower is just not that guy.

    Any chance Kolb could get left of the postseason roster? That would insure he pitches 0 high leverage innings!