Highest Praise I’ve Ever Received

I’ve never thought my name gave me so much respect. From The Roto Authority:

I didn’t actually do much digging, because the ESPN article pointed me directly to the blog of John-Charles Bradbury. I immediately knew I’d have to eat crow – dudes with two first names are rarely wrong.

Most people, when they are confused by my name—I go by John-Charles or J.C., not just my first or middle name like most normal people—they most often say, “Is that a Southern thing?” Translation: “Are you some kind of hick, or what?” I guess my accent doesn’t help the situation. I understand the confusion and don’t mind being called something other than what I grew up being called. I’m certainly not offended. But, I’m going to have to start throwing around this two-first-names thing more often.

One Response “Highest Praise I’ve Ever Received”

  1. Aaron says:

    It’s funnier if you leave the html tags. When he writes “dudes with two first names are rarely wrong,” he links http://www.rickjames.com.