More Quick Hits

Again, I apologize for being swamped. There’s not much I can do about it right now. I expect things to clear up next week.

  • New Braves Blog: Joe Hamrahi has started Talking Chop, a SportsBlogs™ site about the Braves. You may know Joe from Baseball Digest Daily.
  • Fans Scouting Report: Tangotiger is asking for volunteers to help him with his 2005 Scouting Report by the Fans For the Fans. If you’re interested, stop by and give your opinion. At least, let’s try to eliminate the idea that Adam LaRoche might win a gold glove one day. I think it’s interesting that so many people criticize Chipper’s defense, which really isn’t that bad, yet Adam gets all sorts of praise for his — and I’ve never even seen him make anything close to a “web gem.”
  • September Call-Ups: So, who’s going to get the call? Obviously, Brower will be back (yuck). Pena ought to come up (double-yuck), because a third catcher is nice to have. Davies will certainly be up, with Chuck James possibly getting a chance. Devine looks to have delayed his call-up with a poor outcome at Richmond last night. Marte has been trying to make a case with strong play as of late. I really would like to see him get a chance to redeem himself. I suspect Chipper’s stomach bug and Furcal’s injury make the call-up more likely. No more Giles at third, please. The acquisition of Todd Hollandsworthless means there’s no chance Jurries will come up, though he’s had a fantastic season (.284/.357/.537 with 21 HRs). But on the bright side, this looks like the end of Brian Jordan’s shot at the post-season roster. I’ll make one last effort to lobby for Matt Childers in the bullpen, who’s had a very nice season in Richmond (3/1 K/BB, with 4 HR in 70 innings).
  • Rating OF Arms: Here’s a fantastic study over at Protrade by Gabriel Desjardins.
  • Proud Father: My daughter now says, “Go Chipper Jones, hit the ball.” The funny part is, I never taught her to say that. I guess Daddy talks to the TV too much.

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  1. Aaron says:

    That arm study is great. Thanks for the link; I would never have found it otherwise. I’ve never even heard of “Protrade”.