Success in Colorado

David Gassko tackles an important question over at THT: How to Pitch in Colorado. Using the Lahman Database and scouting reports from The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers, he looks at what types of pitchers have succeeded in Colorado. I’m glad to see the N/J Guide being used in this way.

He concludes:

But the next time you talk about what kind of pitchers the Rockies want to sign or develop, you should know that guys with good control and good two-seam fastballs are the most likely to succeed.

One Response “Success in Colorado”

  1. jon says:

    Of course pitchers with good two-seamers succeed in Coors. A two seamer is a sinking fastball. The type of pitch that is hard to get in the air. And unlike curveballs and sliders and other pitches that require a perfect grip and thicker air to break, a two seamer will have it’s natural tail and sink no matter where you throw it. As long as it isn’t the moon.