Pro-Football-Reference Sponsorships

Pro-Football-Reference is now open for sponsorships. In order to get the ball rolling, Doug Drinen—P-F-R owner, Sabernomics contributor, and fellow Bobtown resident—is offering an exciting offer to Sabernomics readers.

For a limited time, if you open an account and then send Doug an e-mail letting him know that you heard about it on Sabernomics, Doug will match your initial donation dollar for dollar (e.g., put in $20, and he’ll put in another $20 so that you can sponsor $40 worth of pages). If you already have an account because you’ve sponsored some Baseball-Reference pages, then whatever you spend on P-F-R sponsorships in the next few days, Doug will put a matching amount into your account.

Pro-Football-Reference is the home for on-line football data. I have already taken the opportunity to sponsor a few pages of my own.

Jerry Richardson
Steve Smith
Julius Peppers

For those of you who enjoyed Doug’s Super Bowl Extravaganza last year, you will be happy to know that Doug will be doing the same thing again in just a few weeks.

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