Sabernomics Is Back!

Sorry for the delay, folks. I didn’t mean to disappear without notice like that. I had been in the process of switching to a new server when the old one died. Couple this with the fact that I’ve had numerous personal and business emergencies taking place, it took me some time to get everything working.

I want to give a special thanks to Sean Forman for helping me get this to work. I know very little about databases, computer languages, or the web. Fortunately, Sean knows quite a bit about all of those and was kind enough to offer his assistance. If you would like to thank Sean too, go to and sponsor an available page, any page. There are plenty of pages available for $5. I’ve sponsored several over the years, and plan to continue to do so.

I’ve been doing quite a bit in my absence, and I hope to post some good stuff soon. I have received several advanced copies of good baseball books, and I will be posting my reviews shortly. Fantasyland by Sam Walker, The Mind of Bill James by Scott Gray, and Baseball Hacks by Joseph Adler are few of the books I plan to blog on, so stay tuned.

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