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It seems that blogging is the new thing for the Sports Reference family of sites. Sean Forman has returned to the blogosphere with the Sports Reference Blog. If you think that Sean has been doing tons before, watch out. Sean is about to put a lot more energy into Sports Reference.

For the last six years I’ve had a day job of college professor of math and cs at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and a part-time job/hobby of a web designer (mostly for It has been really stressful at times. I know I’ve neglected my wife. Not gotten enough sleep and generally worked too hard at satisfying both jobs. It has been frustrating as well, because I have pages and pages of ideas I would like to try at BR, but little time to implement them.

I feel I’ve done all right at both jobs. Recently, the site has been doing well financially, and there seem to be more potential investors and partners sniffing around than ever before. In mathworld, I did just get tenure at Saint Joseph’s. However, I’ve always wondered just what I could get done on and its sister sites if I had a lot of 40 hour work weeks to work on it. So…

Last week, I went into my department chair’s office and asked for a leave of absence to do just that. I don’t know that it will be a long-term gig, but for the next year at least, I’ll be working on BR full-time.

I can’t imagine how good this about to get. I need to ask Sean how highly I rank on visits to the site. I normally have a few B-R windows open at all times. So, stop by and wish Sean luck. And look forward to seeing what he as to say. For example, he posts the full study he did for the authors of Game of Shadows, which is featured in the appendix. Thanks to Eric McErlain for pointing me to it.

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