Sporting News on Mazzone

This article, by Dave Sheinin, in Sporting News was pointed out in the comments section, but I didn’t realize it was online.

J.C. Bradbury, an economist and sabermetrician from Georgia, published a statistical analysis in 2005 that showed Mazzone’s coaching improved an average pitcher’s ERA by 0.63 points. And pundits have speculated that Mazzone could be the first person to make it into the Hall of Fame as a pitching coach.

Just to set the record straight, I’m actually from Charlotte and I live in Tennessee. But, at least he got my name right. 🙂 I am certainly not complaining. Thanks Dave.

Again, we here to rumors of the Mazzone hate. I’m not sure what this is all about, but if the Braves pitching tanks this year and the Orioles improve, things could get ugly. While, if the Braves sail as usual and the O’s stink, I think Mazzone will get a pass since he’ll be adjusting to a new organization. I really don’t understand the P.R. benefits to the Braves by allowing this negative energy, even if there was some truth to it. Just say, “Leo was great, he couldn’t pass up a great opportunity, we’ll miss him, but we’ve got a heck-of-a- lot of confidence in Roger McDowell.” Is that so hard?

3 Responses “Sporting News on Mazzone”

  1. Marc says:

    No one likes having their success attributed to someone else. I suspect some of the Braves resent the attention Leo got just as I suspect there are members of the New England Patriots who get tired of hearing that Belichick is a genius. It’s human nature. You can’t expect them to say, well, Leo’s gone; now we will suck.

  2. David Gassko says:


    If the Braves to get worse defensively (pitching + fielding), it will probably be partially due to worse fielding. Furcal is gone, Andruw Jones is getting older, etc. One interesting study replicating yours was done by the people from the Tufts University sabermetrics class. They published his impact on K/BB/HR as well as on overall ERA. When I ran that through DIPS, I found that his overall impact on ERA was something like .35, with another .20 points from defense. Of course, we could spend hours arguing about how much effect Mazzone himself had on BABIP and how much effect the fielders did. Depends, I guess, on how much you subscribe to DIPS theory…Anyways, I just wanted to mention that, so that if (when?) the Braves pitching staff isn’t doing as well as last year, everyone can remember that worse fielding is part of the equation.

  3. JC says:

    My study controls for defense.