Monitoring Mazzone

I have been following the Braves and Orioles pitching this year with great interest, for obvious reasons. Neither pitching staff is doing all that well, but it’s still very early in the season. If you are interested in monitoring the progress of the staffs over the season, I present The Mazzone Meter.

Mazzone Meter
Staff ERA

Orioles: 5.06
Braves: 6.67

With the help of Doug Drinen and Sean Forman—by help, I mean they pretty much did all of the work—this little script will automatically update the pitching statistics of the Braves and O’s every day. Right now, it just presents ERA, but I may add some other stats soon. It will stay on the right sidebar.

I should also mention a few things to help with the interpretation of the “Mazzone Effect.” I think there is very little chance that the O’s will finish the season with an ERA lower than the Braves, because the O’s play in the AL and their pitching staff is less talented than the Braves. Keep in mind, this is just for fun. I’m rooting for both staffs to do well. And it’s possible that the results from an entire season of play won’t tell us that much, even if the stats for both teams differ considerably. One season of play is still a small sample.

9 Responses “Monitoring Mazzone”

  1. If Cabrera can stop walking 37 guys per outing, the O’s team ERA might be able to drop some more. I guess that one really rests on Mazzone’s shoulders too.

  2. Rich Lederer says:

    Adjusted for league effects (primarily the use of the DH in the AL), I wouldn’t be surprised if the O’s team ERA equals or betters the Braves. But I don’t think BAL will outdistance ATL by 1.25 earned runs per nine innings (which would account for Leo’s historical impact to date on both sides).

  3. Andrew says:

    JC, I’m assuming you are doing a study on this already and my suggestion is moot (and it’s probably going to be in the book too) but do you have the ERAs of all the Orioles and Braves current pitchers from 2005? That would be the ultimate Mazzone effect test, right?

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks, JC. Now you’ve added one more thing to the internet that I’m going to drive myself crazy looking at every single day. 🙂

  5. Frank says:


    Fine work as always. Perhaps your next feat should be a Francoeur vs. Jose Reyes walk meter.

  6. JC says:

    Not a bad idea, Frank. But, you don’t really need a script for that. 😉

  7. Grant says:

    Please don’t do this.


    Loyal Braves fan since 1987 (Age 8)

  8. Cliff Harpe says:


    The “Mazzone Meter” shows Braves lower by .41 in ERA. In FIP, which I understand to be Fielding Independent Pitching, the difference is Braves lower by 1.06 run per game. I hope I don’t understand this statistic right, because that would mean that the Braves are conceding .65 of a run per game more than Baltimore’s fielders are. How can we be THAT bad?


  1. Jillian Hall says:

    doug hall

    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Jillian Hall.