The Amazing John Thomson

A few weeks ago I wrote the following:

Thomson has a good strikeout-to-walk ratio and he doesn’t give up a lot of home runs. Plus, he can step in and pitch a lot of innings if anyone in the rotation gets injured to sucks. Smoltz and Hudson are injury risks. Ramirez and Sosa fall into the latter category, and Davies may not be ready yet. Mr. Schuerholz, if you think you need bullpen help, look no further than your own bench. I think you’re trying to trade away exactly what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, Thomson’s elbow developed an aversion to going to Pittsburgh, and the deal we’d been hearing about was called off. John Thomson has been awesome in his work so far. He’s the only Braves pitcher who has pitched well every time out. Check out the Braves stats without John Thomson in the lineup (compare with the Mazzone Meter on the right sidebar) and Thomson’s stats.

Stat	Other	Thomson
ERA 	6.38	1.23
K/9	5.02	8.59
BB/9	4.01	1.84
HR/9	1.00	0.00
FIP	4.87	1.90

Thomson’s the kind of pitcher that every fan should appreciate, but doesn’t. He always pitches well, but has been overshadowed by other pitchers or the fact that he was pitching in a hitters’ park. It’s kind of like his name. John Thomson sounds like a boring common name. There are a million of guys out there named John Thompson. But then you see there’s no “p” in there, and that’s just kind of cool. It’s not uncommon, but it is different.

2 Responses “The Amazing John Thomson”

  1. Mac Thomason says:

    And yet, people keep putting the P in there anyway! Believe me, I know.

    Though in my case, it’s split between the p-adders and the on-droppers.

    We Thomasons/Thomsons/Thomassons are an oppressed people.

  2. Chuck Oliveos says:

    I’ve watched Thomson’s last two starts. It appears to me that he has adopted Leo’s philosophy as his own. Moreso than any of the other Braves’ pitchers, he seems to be working that low outside corner pretty consistently. I can’t imagine what made the Braves think that he was the pitcher that could be dropped from the starting rotation. Presuming that Bobby wants at least one lefty in his rotation and is dead set on keeping HoRam, Sosa would seem to be the one to go.