Giving Francoeur His PrOPS

I received a lot of feedback on my Jeff Francoeur post from the other day. Most recently, Jacob Luft of Sports Illustrated picked up on it (thanks for the mention and kind words, Jacob), so I thought I’d add one other quick note on Frenchy.

I’m in the process of generating the initial 2006 PrOPS numbers for all players in the league. It’s going to take me a few days to make sure everything is working properly, but I thought I’d throw out Francoeur’s numbers now. I’ll post all the numbers over at THT as soon as I get them ready. If you’re not familiar with PrOPS, check out my initial post at The Hardball Times or see my article in the 2006 THT Annual. PrOPS gives players credit for how they hit the ball rather than on the outcome of the hit balls.

Jeff Francoeur    AVE    OBP    SLG    	OPS
Actual:    	.210    .222    .352    .575
Predicted:    	.269    .282    .441    .723
Difference:    -.059    -.060   -.089  -.148

He’s been hitting the ball better than his numbers indicate, but an OPS of .723 is still not very productive.

One Response “Giving Francoeur His PrOPS”

  1. Sean Forman says:

    I was at last night’s game. The Phillies intentionally walked the .205 hitting Adam LaRoche to get to Frenchy. He got a broken bat single to put them ahead. He had a nice baserunning play on a first to third as well.