Moving On

Sean Forman isn’t the only college professor taking a leap this year. Although my leap isn’t as exciting, I will be making a move of my own at the end of the school year. I will be joining the faculty of Kennesaw State University in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Sport Science to take an associate professor position in sports economics. The field of sports economics is a growing one these days, and I have been fortunate to dabble in it at just the right time. I will be teaching courses in sports economics and sports finance, as well as developing some new courses. The department at Kennesaw is a strong one, and I am eager to join such fantastic colleagues and students. During my visit there, I had a very pleasant time. Plus, I’m going to be much closer to family, and the Chattahoochee—where the DH stands for delayed harvest.

Over the summer, I may be a bit light in posting as I coordinate the move. Other than that, nothing should really change about my work. I’ll still engage in teaching and research in economics, I’ll just be working in a different place. I’ve enjoyed my five years at Sewanee, especially working with the students. Many of you said some very nice things about me during my recent tenure process—which was successful without a hitch—and I appreciate that. The lure of being closer to family and the excellent opportunity at Kennesaw were too much to turn down. So, I’m not leaving, just moving on.

4 Responses “Moving On”

  1. Cyril Morong says:

    Congratlulations! I hope it works out for you and you help advance the field.

  2. David Gassko says:

    Sports economics? May I suggest a course entitled, “Why spending $208 million for 95 wins is not a good example of minimizing marginal costs?” Congratulations!


  3. Kyle S says:

    Congrats on the move, JC. Let me know if you ever make it up to DC.

  4. LatNam says:

    Funny story (actually not at all), but last weekend I drove from Athens up to Nashville to go to a couple of Predators play-off games, and passing through Sewanee Friday afternoon I pictured you teaching some class or the other.

    From now on I guess I’ll just have that vision when I pass through Kennesaw.

    Another bright side of the move is you should be able to make it to more games, eh? Congratulations.