I ran into two interesting posts this morning.

Jeff Merron lists the top-20 greatest TV moments in sports. I have to say that I get chills when I think about some of those events, at least the ones that I was old enough to have actually witnessed, and it just reminds me of why we like sports. The uncertainty and drama are key elements in all of these events. And you can help Jeff rank the events after reading the article. Although, I can think of one event that was left off, which would be my number one: Sid Bream’s slide to win the 1992 NL Championship for the Braves.

Also, Mac Thomason has a series of reviews of John Schuerholz’s Built to Win. I think it’s a very interesting take, and it goes to show how influential Moneyball was for baseball. It seems JS can’t shake the bitter taste or admit that he does some things the same way Billy Beane does.

One Response “Pointers”

  1. Beamer says:

    Interesting top 5. But unfortunately (in my humble view) it misses many of the truly (global) momentous moments in sport:

    1. Tiger Woods winning the Grand Slam of golf
    2. Carl Lewis and Michael Powell swapping world records (OK, Lewis’ was wind assisted) at the 1991 Tokyo World Championships
    3. Michael Johnson clocking 19.32 at the 96 Atlanta Olympics
    4. Manchester United scoring twice in the last minute to beat Bayern Munich in the 1999 European Cuup final in soccer
    5. Lance Armstrong winning 7 (count em) Tour de France after recovering from cancer