Sabernomics in LA Times

Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times (r.r.) interviewed me for his story on steroids in baseball in today’s edition. The article features comments by several people, including Sean Forman, Nate Silver, and Neal Traven. Here’s what I had to say that was included in the article.

“The subject is as hotly debated in the statistical community as it is in the general community,” said J.C. Bradbury, an economist who runs the statistics website Players “are getting bigger, and they’re hitting more home runs. Why? The very obvious answer before us is steroids, but it’s very difficult to test their impact simply by looking at data within the game.”

And later in the article.

Major league expansion in 1993 and 1998, which added four teams, may have diluted pitching. Bradbury has compiled figures showing that the range of earned-run averages from worst to best among pitchers has reached a historical high. “If you have hitters taking advantage of lesser pitchers, you’ll have an uptick in offense,” he said.

You can read my recent posts on steroids and home runs, where I discuss some of the issues discussed in the article, here and here. Thanks to Mike Hiltzik for asking my opinion.

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