Capellan Is Voldemort

If you’re not familiar with Harry Potter, this will make no sense. Even if you are, it’s a stretch.

In Harry Potter, Tom Riddle (a.k.a. Voldemort, “he who must not be named”) approaches Albus Dumbledore about the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching vacancy at Hogwarts. Dumbledore denies his request, and Voldemort curses the job. No future teacher of the subject ever lasted beyond the year, and Voldemort goes on to do great, but terrible, things.

It seems that Jose Capellan seems to have done the same thing to the Braves. Instead of installing him as closer, the Braves traded him to Milwaukee. Ever since, the Braves closer job has been cursed, with previously good pitchers having a tough time with the job: Dan Kolb, Chris Reitsma, Kyle Farnsworth, Reitsma again (apparently the curse gets worse), Ken Ray, and now Jorge Sosa.

OK, so Cappy hasn’t been so hot in Milwaukee, and maybe he wasn’t exactly next in line to be closer. But hey, it’s only a blog.

One Response “Capellan Is Voldemort”

  1. studes says:

    But the question is, is that how you got your latest job?