I Think I See the Problem

From the AJC.

“[Jorge] Sosa did alright,” Cox said of the Braves starter, who allowed four runs in six innings. “Four runs against that team is not bad. But we gave them two extra runs after we tied it. That was the difference.”

Four runs in six innings—an ERA of 6.00 off two HRs and a 5/3 K/BB ratio—is alright? Those are some pretty low expectations. Well, at least he’s being realistic.

One Response “I Think I See the Problem”

  1. Marc says:

    Let’s say that Bobby, um, is not exactly the most candid person in baseball. He tends to accentuate the positive at all costs. Or, as an old baseball saying goes, he “wouldn’t say shit if he had a mouthful.”

    It’s not really surprising that Sosa sucks considering how lucky he was last year; the amazing thing is that the Braves don’t seem to realize how lucky he was. Even one not attuned to statistical analysis should understand that you can’t keep putting runners on base and pitching out of it like he did last year. There was no reason to expect Sosa to have a good year, but obviously they did.