I’m moving to Atlanta this week, so blogging will be light. Here are my brief thoughts on the Betemit for Aybar/Baez.

–Great, we finally learn how to pronounce the guy’s name and he leaves.

–John Schuerholz still doesn’t know Betemit’s real birthday as he said he would wish him a happy birthday on the day he was traded. His real birthday is in November 2, 1981. Luckily, those nerds with pocket protectors are on top of things (just kidding Sean).

–Aybar, thumbs up; Baez, thumbs down. Although, Baez isn’t worse than anyone in the current pen. The good news is he’s free, unlike Bob Wickman.

–The Braves will not go to the playoffs this year, so the deal was really a straight up Betemit for Baez Aybar swap. I wouldn’t have done the deal, but I like Aybar.

–Thank goodness the Betemit-for-Proctor deal didn’t happen. One way to make me like a trade is to float a horrible trade scenario in front of me then do a relatively better deal. I’m not sure how I’d feel about the deal if I hadn’t been fearing the other deal.

–Marcus Giles is gone. They got Aybar to replace Giles, not to back up Chipper. I suspect he’ll last through the season, but look for another Estrada-type deal in the offseason. Make room for two new craptacular arms in the pen. Giles isn’t as good as the initial hype, but he is still a valuable player.

–Why DFA Sosa now? I know the guy stinks, but is it really worth keeping Tyler Yates on the roster? Sosa did have a good year last year, and someone might be willing to trade for him at the end of the year. At least risk having him pitch better. It’s interesting that both he and Nick Green have been DFAed this year.

–If the Braves do make a trade today, I hope they are selling, not buying. It’s over folks, it’s over. Don’t call me a bandwagon fan, either. I didn’t have TBS growing up and I had to listen to the games on the radio all the way from Atlanta (Charlotte didn’t have a radio affiliate). I’m a realist. The post-season isn’t going to happen. Let’s rest up for 2007, and hope for a strong finish.

9 Responses “Betemit-Aybar-Baez”

  1. John Beamer says:


    I have got to be honest I have been one of the ones saying that the WC is a realistic shot. After the Mets sweep I think you are right, it is over.

    I am not so hot on the trade either, Baez is over rated (though a little unlucky so far this season) and Aybar has upside (but is it any more than Betemit? Who knows?

  2. A.West says:

    Yes, please forget about the WC in 2006. Even if it happened by miracle it would just lead to a first round defeat given the current weak talent. The big questions are long term. Who are the Braves’ #1 and #2 starters after Smoltz and Hudson are gone? (Age and money considerations). Making a #3 starter your #1 starter doesn’t take you to the playoffs. Not HoRam, not Davies, not James. They might all be ok 4th or 5th guys, but who are the next “young guns”? If the Braves are lucky, they could get one serious top minor league starting prospect by trading one of their everyday stars (e.g. Andruw). Starting pitching is the backbone of an organization, and it’s looking pretty weak based on current “prospects” lists.

    I’m not even looking at 2007, it’s 2008 that worries me.

  3. gondeee says:

    Yates has been one of our better relievers in the last couple of months. He has only given up 2 ER in July and not many more than that in June. He’s one of the few guys in the pen who can throw in the mid-90s and strike people out. I would call him one of our most valuable relievers.

  4. Johnny says:

    I agree we are done. Didn’t you mean that it was really Aybar for Betemit in your 4th paragraph? Anyway Baez is a desperation rental and is gone after the season. I wouldn’t have traded the proven Betemit for Aybar’s potential but you’re right at least it wasn’t Wilson for a one season wonder like Proctor.

    Gile’s gone? Dang. I have always had the feeling that the Braves have never been very high on him despite an excellent minor league career, one spectacular year and a couple of championship caliber play seasons. You are probably right, rather than pay the aribitration salary they’ll dump him at his lowest value for another damn Oscar Villareal.

    I think that we can contend in 2007. We have a fragile core to build around we just need some good luck. Maybe we need for John Schuerholz to stop believing his own press and sell the sole of his son to the devil too, so that we can start another 14 season run. 🙂

  5. Marc says:

    Agree with everyone, but it’s hard for JS to just give up. As for pitching, I think we have Smoltz and bunch of bums. Hudson is in serious decline for some reason and I am not at all sure we can count on him in the future. I’m afraid that JS has saddled the Braves with some bad contracts (not all his fault) that are coming back to haunt them, especially Hampton and, now Hudson (although no one thought it a bad move when they signed him to the extension. I see no hope in the minors and the great prospects–Davies and James–look to me like back of the rotation types. Given the payroll constraints, I don’t how JS can reconstruct this pitching staff in the offseason. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that the Braves could contend next year, but I don’t think the long-term outlook for the team is too good, although they do have a core of good, young position players. The JS magic seems to have dried up some time ago and the reputation of this being a pitching organization is vastly overrated. None of these high school pitchers that the Braves keep touting have amounted to much. I hate to be so pessimistic, but I fear that 14 years of good luck is about to catch up with the Braves.

  6. Johnny says:

    If you look at the core position players the situation looks pretty good:
    Infield is pretty set
    ss Renteria – he’ll regress but be better than league avg.
    2b Giles – lets assume the Braves don’t trade him and that this year is a negative outlier. I’ve never thought that the batting order mattered to a professional hitter but lets just assume that it does and Giles put too much pressuer on himself this season. An average Giles year is worth 5 or 6 million.
    3b Chipper? – Gosh this guy has become fragile. But he has to play 3b now because they traded Betememit and:
    1b LaRoche – despite the vitriol about this guy he is having a decent season. He aint a star but he is a league avg first baseman. He is going to hit better than any of our other 3b prospects and thats what keeps Chipper at 3rd.
    c Brian McCann – I’m not sure if he is a .330 hitter but I think that he is going to hit better than his more illustrious fellow baby Brave Jeff Francouer.
    cf Andruw – one more season I guess then someone will overpay like the dickens for one season of production then decline. He is having a good year. I hope that the Braves renew his contract.
    rf Jeff Francouer – Is it a wash? is he hurting us just as much as he is helping? This season soldifies his postion as a starter unless he gets hurt or just falls off the face of the earth but right or wrong he is the right fielder.
    lf I’m gonna guess that Kelly Johnson wins the job next spring. Just because I think that he is better than Diaz, Langerhans and Thorman.

    So we have a solid starting 9 all we need is some pitching. Lots of questions:
    Hampton? Davies? Shoot, is Hudson done? Smoltz?
    Boyer? There is some talent but boy are we going to have to have some luck for it all to shake our way.

  7. Frank Drackman says:

    Remember the 14′ miracle Boston Braves!..all we need is the Mets to have a 5-16 run, and we have a 16-5 run and we’re golden. Thats more doable than all the stars and planets that have to line up to win the wildcard.

  8. Frank Drackman says:

    Oops sorry that should have been a 5-25 run for the Mets and 21-9 run for the Bravos. Still doable.

  9. Steve Geddie says:

    Something is physically wrong w/Tim Hudson. It doesn’t make sense that a guy goes from being what he was in Oakland (one of the winningest pitchers of all time) to a guy w/an ERA over 5. Yes, I know ERA doesn’t tell the whole story, but cut me some slack. Hudson’s control sucks, and he’s giving up an alarming number of walks. Yes, I know that hitters earn walks, but cut me some slack. Whatever is wrong w/him, Hudson isn’t doing the Braves any favors by continuing to go out to the mound every fifth day. Over the winter, the Braves should try to trade Hudson (and his Captain Insane-oh backloaded contract) to the Yankees for Phillip Hughes.